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Lirentou, "Li" and Louisa, "Lui" are a boy and a girl whose feelings for each other are somewhat peculiar. Louisa, however, made a promise to Lirentou quite committed, so she will have to overcome various obstacles if she wants to fulfill her promise ... Will Lui manage to keep it?

Dodge all the obstacles that you find along the way such as the Soullies, although you can find objects that will help you such as the clock, or some health potions, but be careful, not all are good, there are some tricked watches, or corrupted potions, that will harm you.




Hello! I'm Alberto, or Aviss, a computer engineering student, this is my first game or minigame, and with it I wanted to learn the process of videogame development, I hope you liked it and enjoyed the history and gaming experience of Moontale.

Regards, Alberto.

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Twitter: @avi_ss


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